Country harvest. At haymaking  Bealfed

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Hayfields ON (July, 1981.) Story.
The beginning of July, it was dirty. Went prolonged drizzle. The sun peeped in the morning, but not for long, at nine o'clock the sky again delayed the low clouds and drizzling rain began boring. Kolkhoz chairman upset that can remain without food for a large collective farm flocks, but his deputy for cattle, old dick, as he called it, Kuzma Petrovich only laughed.
- Do not you tomis Ivanovitch, will still weather, we put the hay. Better you look, what now a good grass narosla. That we are with a large margin here. More and sell hay can be. And technology to buy and podremontirovat, so do not worry in vain.

- Will there not be upset if this damn rain every day watering. A week later, mow already have to, but he never stops. Harvest herbs is good, do not argue, but it still must be put in order.
- And shalt, after two days, well might three, the weather get better, mark my words. You're better than the schoolchildren of the Congress. Need people to mow recruit, recruit teams, qualify to time is not wasted. At most half a month, must cope with the basic mowing. And the weather will be fine.
- Maybe you're right, today announced on local radio, and the school will call for help. You yourself then get ready.

Weather listened to the old horseradish Petrovich, and by Thursday had already established a solid "bucket". Bright start to shine through summer, the sun appeared not strong breeze, just for hay. On Friday evening, work crews mowers, Grabelshchikov and bomb throwers were completed, they attached the required equipment, and prepared to carry off the field mills residential cabins, installed, where necessary, canopies and tables with benches. On Sunday morning, the team approached the board and went, everyone on the meadow. Came to a total ten teams an average of twelve to fifteen people. Haying has begun in time.

Anna signed up for hay, a little help to the mother, who worked on the farm. Her father was not, rather he was, but left them with her mother when she was only four years old and she had almost no memory. Why did not he live with them? She tried to speak with his mother, but nothing has been achieved, she always said that her father is good, but again does not live with them, then it should be. From her father she was left only the name and patronymic. Anna V. Zimin. That's all. Now it is about this totally thought. Thoughts were occupied with other topics. About that, to keep up with his co-worker Valentina, a married woman of twenty-five, which they stir up the sloping rake mower morning rolls of hay, trim them to collect and transport to the place of stocking. Worked disputes and Anya had time yet for going ahead co-worker. Drove a tractor with a rake and began collecting skewed to large trees that another tractor hookup takeovers carried away. They had to rake up the remnants of the heap. Workers of two pickers could be seen throughout the mowing. Worked, echoes, pereshuchivalis, laughed and worked again. It was the fourth day. Sen has already procured a lot, but the end of the work yet to be seen. In the morning passed, and mowing mown over a large area. In the bushes, and where they were not able to call reapers, men, four men, they worked until lunch, and then you come out a woman with a rake, a tractor, went through on the tractor mower and rake handles. This work was in full swing. Ended at seven o'clock in the evening, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Braley towels, clean clothes and walked to the river, where both shook should work, bathed in the river, swam and then all went to dinner under the canopy, where there were benches and tables, and where reigned Mironovna cook, a tall, sturdy and quite beautiful woman with a melodious voice and a Ukrainian accent. Men at the table opened, it is unclear who had taken from the bottles of vodka, drank it and started to talk .... Again about the job. Young people gathered after dinner in a meadow by the river, there are two guitars, then accordion. There were songs, fashion and simple. However people and can not do without music, without a song, especially a good song no matter in difficult circumstances he was not. Someone was singing, someone listened. Something where alcohol has also appeared, most true wine, not vodka.

Valentine, though, and was married, her husband worked as a mechanic in the MTM, too, came to these youth gatherings, not unwilling, when poured out one hundred and fifty red or white wine, sang along with everyone laughed it off when she tried to molest in general felt themselves in his company, which was dominated by the age of fifteen to twenty years. Several times otshila and quite dramatically, of special concern and to her, the more I tried not to meddle. But for simplicity and durability in its respect.
At twenty-three, in the company of "youngsters", she looked at eighteen or twenty. Beauty of her God does not hurt and was in something of a pity, even as Anne knew that hubby Valya was a drunkard, although a good mechanic, too. Today is Valentine sat down in the evening for her. Embraced tenderly, and asked:
- I will not drive today, Annie? Probably very tired. A hectic day it turned out.
- No, no Val, nothing special, I can run true for you is really hard to keep up. A little tired of course, but now sit down, Popo, and the rest again tomorrow to come. The boys had brought beer and wine, may join them, will be fun. Vic won again accordion pritaranil.
- Come on, not very convenient truth for others to drink, I was then offered the boys money, so they are offended, though what offended you. Okay, let's go. The guys over there have called.

They approached a group of three girls of sixteen and five guys around the same age in a small alcove ustroishihsya consisting of three benches and sklochennogo of boards and plywood table on which stood about five cups, two cups, six bottles of wine and devyatilitrovy the plastic barrel with beer. The guys who had brought a wealth of his motorcycle, were cheerful and excited.
- You are what it is from the company fend off? Let us ka druzhnenko oprihoduem these bubbles, then the beer can be taken. I prefer beer. If it is not to be confused with the wine, then the head does not hurt.
- So if the wine and beer do not interfere, then the head, too sick not to be. The wine buzz anymore.
- And if nothing at all to drink, then a headache and do not have to speak .- summed up these meaningless conversations Valentina and all the fun rassmeyalis.-Exactly.
Wine is poured into glasses at the half, all at once is not enough, so they drank in turn. At first the girls, then boys. They drank, ate vyvalennymi on the table as sweets. Then he drank the guys.
- Val, let us sing .- I turned to her tall, angular fellow of seventeen, setting up a guitar and he sang the beginning:
On the green surface of the sea, the plains of the ocean,
Ships, and captains, having won wide expanse ..
The song was immediately picked up by those present. Sang carefully, amicably, but the major parties were named Valentine, and this boy, Igor, was his name. Song Yuri Antonov appeared recently, were brought to their village from the construction team students repairers on the farm the farm and had everything to their liking.
Sea, sea, bottomless world, the rustle of foam ....
Taken out for two voices Valentina Igorkom. They were immediately supported by the rest.
Over you stand as dawns on you stand as dawns
Our youth hope ... Our youth hope.
It was felt that the song does not leave anyone indifferent to such simple words and a good tune.
After finishing the song, again poured wine into glasses and drank again, first the girls, then boys. Start a conversation. At first the girls their own, the guys also own, with inserts rather crude jokes and pranks. Then the girl butted into the conversation guys, sometimes tugging at those too "salty" statements. After the fourth glass of booze, the guitar played and sounded something what the song is itself, in a neighboring group played the accordion, sometimes drowning out the guitar. Slowly resorbed couples hiding in the bushes near the river or in a small fishing line for clearing. Life prevailed. Drunk girls and lads would love it and they are organized as best they could. Valentine was sitting next to Igor, jangled guitar, leaning against his back, she looked thoughtful. When nearly all dispersed, who where, Anya went to the guy who arrived on a motorcycle in the direction of the river, Igor turned to Valentine, ceasing to play.
- Val, too, will go take a walk, then sit like that. Or not you want exactly.
- And what are you left without a girl, all sorted out and you could get them. I then too old for you, and man I have. Drunkard's true, but there is still her husband. And, by the way let's go, little scatter. Do you even know how to embrace it, and what you wind up, it became cool. The guitar is left here, no one will steal.
Putting and leaning his guitar to the table, Igor took off his jacket and threw it on the back Wali, embraced her and they walked toward the line was around the camp, where none of those present did not go away, all sought to get away from the cabins, but that's their business. Around the first tree, Igor clumsily tried to kiss her.

Nikita brought Anya to the precipice at about polukilomere of trailers. Settled between the three pines and two ryabinok, in a tiny meadow, which were covered from prying glances from all sides and at the same time everything perfectly viewable. Bed on the grass, windbreaker jacket, sat down and immediately embraced Nikita Anya.
She did not mind because both myself and already missed by him and by his open arms and kisses. Their love began long before this..

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